Charles Darwin Feb 12, 1809 to Apr 19, 1882

  • Beginning

    Sometime after the first reform act of 1832 Darwin created his theory on evolution while being mindful of the state of mind of his time period. The secret theory is created and kept quiet due to the Cambridge Clerics and rest of society.
  • Growth of Evolution

    This year Darwin lived with his brother and partook in dissident feasting events which Harriet Martineau encouraged and helped his ideas blossom.
  • Writings of Natural Selection

    Darwin writes up his initial theory on Natural Selection all the while keeping it secret from anyone but himself.
  • Seclusion

    During this time I would say that he was paranoid to the point that "He wrote Emma a letter in 1844 requesting that, if he died, she should pay an editor £400 to publish the work". He secluded himself and his family for some years focusing on his work. Ensuring to slowly build up his reputation and wealth leading up to the next event.
    Adrian J. Desmond University College London. Author of Huxley: From Devil's Disciple to Evolution's High Priest; co-author of Darwin.
  • Extracts of his theory

    A lot of time has gone by to which his society wasn't so tense about the possibility of his theory, and feeling like he might lose out on being the first to publish his theory with the help of friends extracts were read at the Linnean Society.
  • The Book

    After putting forth his research from 1858 he worked on and completed his book in 1859 "On the Origin of Species" This was not the end of his stressful life as the world was more open to his idea but it was his major life's work that propelled him to what we now know. Scientific Revolution.