John Lennon

By kermit6
  • born

    He a successful musician. He was born on October 9,1940 in England.
  • divorced

    At the age of 2, his mother and father divorced.
  • first guitar

    first guitar
    when he was 17, his mother gave him his first guitar and he met Paul McCartney.
  • music group

    music group
    In 1958, Paul McCartney, George Harrison,Stu Sutcliffe and John Lennon name of the music group formed "The Silver Beatles"
  • change name

    change name
    2 years later, Changed the name of the group as "The Beatles"
  • first album

    first album
    After, the group released the first forty-five
  • married

    7 years later, he married Yoko Ono and he left the music group
  • death

    He was killed in front of his house. Only 40 years old. All in alI i always tried to make this world more livable. Understood by some people, could not be understood by some people. After leaving this world, also continued to tell us something, it does, he will.