John lennon

John Lennon

By loana
  • Born

    He was born in Liverpool - England
  • childhood

    During his childood he lived with his aunt and uncle who had no children due to family problems between his parents.
    He spent most of his childhood in a house in Menlove Av.
  • First groups

    First groups
    Lennon formed his first group "The Quarrymen" from which "The Beatles" evolved.
  • All you need is Love

    All you need is Love
    He recorded "All you need is love"
  • Lennon and Yoko got married

    Lennon and Yoko got married
  • Left the group

    Left the group
    He left the group
  • Imagine

    He wrote Imagine
  • Julian Lennon

    Julian Lennon
    His son Julian was born
  • Death

    He was killed by Mark chapman at the entreance of his apartment.
    A memorial was built in Central Park in his honour