John Lennon

By lede208
  • Birth

    John Lennon was born, his mother Julia gave birth to him during a bombing in Liverpool. His father Alfred was not there for the birth.
  • Johns Father Leaves and gets put into jail for theft

  • John Uncle George Died

    John's uncle died of a liver haemorhage. George raised John since John was 5 years old. George was like a father to John. John's Aunt Mimi wasn't the one for hugs and to really be loving so George made up for that.
  • John Got his first guitar

    john got his first guitar from his mother as a birthday gift
  • John Asks Paul To Join his Band The Quarrymen

  • The Death of John's Mother

    she was hit by a car. The person that hit her was an off duty drunk police officer that was a rookie. He was also a learner driver. Julia died instantly. John and his stepfather went to the hospital but John didn't go into the room to say goodbye to his mother because it was to painful.
  • John Marries Yoko Ono

  • John Marry's his first wife Cynthia Powells

    John gets married to his first wife Cynthia who was expecting a baby. John and Cynthia met at college in their lettering class. After going out for awhile John got Cynthia pregnant so they got married. But they had to keep the marriage a secret afraid it might ruin John's music creation.
  • The Beatles first Album Debuts (Love Me Do)

  • First Son Born

    John's first wife, Cynthia gave birth to John's first son. John wasn't their for the birth of Julian. In fact he didn't get to go to the hospital for a whole week. Cynthia named Julian after John's mother who was killed when John was only 14.
  • Coming to America

    John Lennon and his band the Beatles came to America for there first American tour.
  • Edd Sullivane Show

    John Lennon and his band the Beatles go onto the Edd Sullivane Show holding the world record of the most watched television show in America until Michael Jackson played at the superbowl.
  • The Beatles Play at Shea Stadium for 2nd U.S tour..Beatlesmanis was at its Peak


    The Beatles broke up after 10 years as the Beatles. There is no specific date of when they Broke up besides 1970 but it is believed they believed they broke up in August.
  • John's Second Son Born

    John's second son Sean was born. Seans mother was John's second wife Yoko Ono.
  • Death

    John Lennon was shot twice in the back by Mark Chapman. Mark Chapman thought by killing John he can get his fae. So Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney ask not to say or speak of Mark Chapman and give him the fame he wanted.