John legend

John Legend

  • You & I

    You & I
    This song and music video that John Legend created is an embodiment of female empowerment. Featured within the video are women of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds doing and going through different tasks. Both the song and video are statements telling people that although we may not all look the same or going through the same things, we are all strong individuals.
  • AXE - Find Your Magic Initiative

    AXE - Find Your Magic Initiative
    John Legend partners with AXE and the Find Your Magic Initiative to promote inclusive masculinity. This is used as a platform to inform growing young men that there is no need for violence to gain respect. To also tell men that they shouldn't fear emotion or creativity but rather embrace it. The primary focus of this initiative was on high school seniors; however, this applies to individuals everywhere. Telling them the importance of patience, being gentle, and expressing emotion.

    As an advocate for women's rights and a vocal feminist, John Legend speaks out about the importance of equality through the MAKERS foundation. His main focus being, it shouldn't take some large event like having a daughter of your own for a man/father to support women's rights. Though it's great that, that is now the case it is also unfortunate that it needed to come to that. It is extremely important that men show their support for equality from the very beginning.
  • "Stinky Booty Duty"

    "Stinky Booty Duty"
    Collaborating with Pampers diaper company, John Legend is featured in a commercial Ad signing a catchy ringtone titled, "Stinky Booty Duty". John Legend along with fellow actor and musician Adam Levine wanted to use this Ad to combat gender stereotypes and advance equality. This commercial is a display of how diaper changing isn't solely a women's job and that men can do it as well.
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