Bill Gates

  • Born

  • Release of BASIC

    Release of BASIC
    Bill Gates, along with Paul Allen, create and begin distribution of BASIC interpreter for the Altair 8800.
  • Software Piracy Issue

    Bill Gates brings up the issue of software piracy of his Altair BASIC interpreter. Around 90% of people using BASIC at the time were using pirated copies.
  • Apple releases Apple I

    Apple releases Apple I
    Steve Jobs creates the Apple I computer which creates competition for Bill Gates.
  • Official creation of Microsoft

    Official creation of Microsoft
    Bill Gates and Paul Allen officially register the name Microsoft and go on to create software for the common public. Although Gates and Allen have been working together under the name Microsoft for some time, this is when Microsoft become officially a big name in software.
  • Microsoft develops its own version of FORTRAN

    Microsoft expands from their BASIC interpreter and adds a second language into the mix. This allows them to expand their market to more Computers.
  • Microsoft ruled to market BASIC

    When BASIC was written, it belonged to MITS. On this day, the court ruled that Microsoft was free to market BASIC to others.
  • Microsoft goes to Japan

    Microsoft establishes an international office in Japan, officially making them a global corporation.
  • BASIC for everyone

    By the year 1979, Microsoft has a BASIC compiler for the vast majority of microcomputers available to the public.
  • IBM Partnership

    Bill Gate's Microsoft formed a partnership with IBM in 1980 in order to get software programmed for their upcoming computer.
  • 16-bit PC

    IBM released a 16-bit pc in 1981 which needed new software and Microsoft had one of the 2 big operating systems for it.
  • Microsoft Reorganizes

    Microsoft reorganizes to be Microsoft Inc. with Bill Gates as President and Paul Allen as Executive Vice President. This shows how big of a company Microsoft has become in 6 years.
  • Macintosh Computer

    Macintosh Computer
    Steve Jobs creates the Macintosh computer and has Microsoft program applications for it. Microsoft also changes their logo.

    Microsoft expands from creating software and some hardware and begins work on their own operating system based upon the UNIX system. XENIX OS becomes one of the best selling versions of UNIX.
  • Microsoft releases the Windows Graphical Environment

    Microsoft releases the Windows Graphical Environment
    10 years after the development of BASIC, Microsoft announces their first graphical environment. Graphical Environments completely change computers and are now used by practically everyone today.
  • Microsoft becomes Top Software Vendor

    In 1988 Microsoft surpassed Lotus Development Corporation to gain the title of Top Software Vendor.