John Dewey (1859-1952)

  • Born October 20, 1859

    Born October 20, 1859
    John Dewey was born on October 20, 1859 in Burlington, Vermont.
  • The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology

    The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology
    I believe this article is a good place to start John Dewey's timeline of his influence on philosophy. John Dewey's report on the reflex arc concept in psychology is at its heart a critique of simply....
  • Democracy and Education

    In this work, John Dewey focused on the important element of inquiry to instruction. He was promoting progressive educational ideas and the rediscovery of learning. He believed that curriculum should be meticulous but also connect students with the real world. Intellectual ability was certainly important to education but should not be the underlying push to achievement. He believed pupils should contribute to society with the ability to make an argument and an informed decision.
  • In 1919 he co-founded The New School for Social Research
    In 1919 he co-founded The New School for Social Research. He promted ideas that still influence our educational system today, for example learing by doing.
  • Wrote Experience and Nature

    Art as Experience can be considered the culminating work of Dewey's philosophical reflection. He sought to explain the connections between art and science. He introduced the idea that capitalism shifted our society away from fine art.
  • John Dewey died on June, 1 1952

    John Dewey died on June, 1 1952, in New York, New York, at the age of 93.
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