John Brown

By AHN58
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    John Brown Landmark events

  • Sacking of Lawrence, Kansas

    Pro-Slavery extremists attack an anti-slavery settlement in Kansas. This, along with other events, sparks Brown's anger.
  • Pottawatomie Creek Massacre

    The vengeful Brown attacks pro slavery advocates and kills 5 people in response to the Lawrence sacking. After this event he was hunted by the Federal Government and Brown went north, where abolitionists applaueded and welcomed him.
  • Harpers Ferry Raid

    No this does not involve a ferry. It was at this event Brown and his followers stole from the Federal Armery and Arsenal in Harpers Ferry, VA in with hopes that black men would help him at the arsenal and they can get guns needed to start a revolution and hopefully create a free African American state. However, no blacks came and the US Marines under Robert E. Lee had captured Brown, where he was hiding in the arsenal's engine house.
  • Ferry incident worsens

    Men and militias from other towns begin to attack Brown's people and retake Ferry after they had learned of Brown's intentions.
  • Surrender

    Lee and his Marines arrive and storm the arsenal's engine room, where Brown had been hiding.
  • Trial begins

    The trial against Virginia for treason, starting a slave rebellion and murder begins in Charle's Town, Virginia.
  • The Jury Decides

    After all evidence is given and closing statments decivered, the Jury begins to make their verdict of guilty
  • Sentencing

    Brown is sentanced but is able to say his famous last speech before the sentencing is delivered.
  • Death

    Brown is hung for his crime as sentanced in court