John Adams Events

By cbirch
  • Time of Birth

    Born in the US.(Braintree, Massachusets)
  • John Adams went to college

    He went to college
  • When Adams Married

    John Adams and Abigail Adams married
  • Stamp Act

    Adams was one of the first to oppose the act.
  • John Adams first daughter

    Abigail Amelia Adams was born as Adam's first daughter
  • John Adam's first son

    Adams first son will become the 6th president ot the US
  • John Adams 2nd Daughter

    Adam's 2nd daughter, Sussana is born.
  • Charles Adams

    Adam's second son is born.
  • John Adams Attorney

    John Adams defended the accused of the Boston Massacre
  • Period: to

    John Adams Attorney

    John Adams defend the British soldiers accused of the Boston Massacre
  • John Adam's 3rd Son

    Thomas Adams is Adam's final son to be born.
  • Novanglus

    Adam's article is published and talks about British rule over the colonists.
  • Continental Congress

    Adams nominated George Washington as commander-in-chief
  • Elizabeth Adams

    John Adam's final child is born
  • The trip to Britian

    Adams first trip to Britian
  • John Adams France

    Adam's and his son JQA go to France
  • John Adams Britian

    Adams left the colonies in 1779 to Britian and return for the second time.
  • John Adams France again

    For the second time,Adams goes to France
  • John Adams Signs on

    Adams is one of the people to sign the DOI
  • Elected for the first VP

    Adams declined and then Congress had to find another.
  • Adams Presidency

    John Adams is the second president of the newly formed goverment.
  • John Adams Actions

    John Adams call for a special session for the XYZ affair.
  • John Adams moves

    John Adams moves inside the White House.
  • John Adams Died

    The date Adms died
  • Rival Death

    Within hours after Adam's death, his rival Thomas Jefferson also dies.