Joey Garrisons Official Social Studies Timeline

  • Noble Order of the Knights of Labor

    Noble Order of the Knights of Labor
    Organzied by Philly garment workers in 1869 It was open to farmers, merchants, and wage earners. Wanted equal pay for equal work.
  • Haymarket Square Riot

    Haymarket Square Riot
    Workers marched for 8 hours in chicago. Police had to break up the strike. The government blamed anarchists for the violence. A total of 8 policemen died, and 100s were injured. This was important because it made the public see unions and anarchists as a problem.
  • American Federation Labor

    American Federation Labor
    It was created in 1886. It focused on better working conditions, better pay, and it was craft oreinted. They had union labels on purchased items.
  • How the other half lives

    How the other half lives
    Written about the bad living conditions of poor people.
  • The Homestead Strike

    The Homestead Strike
    An industrial lockout that ended in a battle between strikers and private security agents on july 6. One of the most serious disputes in US labor History. This happened in the town of Homestead, PA near Pittsburgh at Homestead Steel Works.
  • The Pullman Strike

    The Pullman Strike
    The town of Pullman was built so workers could rent homes from the owner. Rent was high, and when wages were slashed, George Pullman refused to lower rent. Workers went on strike and withing days thousands of railroad workers in 27 states were on strike. Union leaders were arrested and imprisoned. The strike collapsed.
  • The Coal Strike

    The Coal Strike
    A strike by the United Mine Workers of America in the anthracite coal fields of eastern PA. The strike threatend to shut down fuel supply for itys in the winter. First time the federal governent had to act as a neutral arbitrator.
  • The Jungle

    The Jungle
    Written by upton sinclair describing bad meat factory condtions.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act Passed

    Pure Food and Drug Act Passed
    US federal law that allowed federal inspection of meat products. It also prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of bad food products and poisonus medicines. The jungle brought this stuff to the public eye.
  • Bitter cry of children

    Bitter cry of children
    Written about child labor, and working in the coal mines of PA. There were harsh conditions.
  • The National Labor Relations Act passed

    The National Labor Relations Act passed
    Labor's right to organize legally recognized. The national legal relations board was created, and the power to punish unfair labor practices. This is all Pro labor.
  • Congress of Industrial Organization

    Congress of Industrial Organization
    Was part of the AFL until 1935. Then, it left the AFl until 1955.It wanted organization along industrial lines rather than craft lines.
  • GM Sit-Down Strike

    GM Sit-Down Strike
    Strike by GM workers that shut down plant operations in Flint, Michigan. This brought the tactic of sit-down stirkes and their effectivness to light. A sit-down strike involves the workers showing up but not doing any actual labor.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Passed

    Fair  Labor Standards Act Passed
    In 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act achieved federal regulation of child labor. For the first time, there was a minimum age for employment. Also, Hours of work for children are regulated by federal law.
  • Steel Strike

    Steel Strike
    Strike by the United Steelworkers of America against U.S. Steel and Nine other steelmakers. President Truman nationalized the Steel industry hours before the workers were scheduled to walk out. The steel companies sued for control. The supreme court ruled in favor of the companies.
  • Major League Baseball Strike

    Major League Baseball Strike
    The '72 strike was the first players strike in MLB history. It lasted for 13 days, and the games were lost that were shceduled during those days. Baseball resumed when owners and players agreed on a half a million dollar increase in pension fund payments.
  • New York City Transit Strike

    New York City Transit Strike
    The NYC Transit strike was a strike in NYC called be the Transport Workers Union in 2005. Negotiations for a new conrtract with MTA insued over retirement, pension, and wage increases. Millions of commuters were affected.