Joe DiMaggio

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  • Joe DiMaggio is born

    Joe DiMaggio is born into an Italian family.
  • Joe Drops out of High School

    The 16-year-old DiMaggio drops out of Galileo High.
  • Joe Signs with the San Francisco Seals

    He signs with his first major league baseball team, and begins his career.
  • Joe his his first season with the San Francisco Seals

    Joe completes his first season batting an amazing .340 and goes on a 61 game hitting streak.
  • Joe enlists in the US Army

    Joe goes to fight in WWII in the US Army
  • Joe DiMaggio is traded to the New York Yankees

    Joe is traded to the Yankees for $25,000 and five players at the age of 19. The only exception is that Joe must play for the Seals for one more year in 1935.
  • George Herman "Babe" Ruth is released

    The 39 year old star is released by the Yankees.
  • Joe competes in his first ever game as a Yankee

    Joe goes 3 for 6 behind the plate in his first game
  • Joe wins his first World Series as a Yankee

    The New York Yankees win their first world series since 1932 being led by Rookie Joe DiMaggio
  • Joe marries actress Dorothy Arnold

    Joe gets married at the age of 24 to actress Dorothy Arnold who is 21 years old.
  • Joe sets the longest Major League hitting streak at 56 games.

    Joe goes hit-less on July 17th and his streak is ended.
  • Joe is discharged from the Army

    Joe leaves the United States Army
  • Yankees win the World Series

    The Yankees win the first World Series that is televised against the Brooklyn Dodgers
  • Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement from the MLB

  • Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe

    Joe marries his second wife Marily Monroe after going on a blind date with her to set her up.
  • Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe divorce.

    After only 9 months of marrige, Joe and Marilyn divorce.
  • Joe DiMaggio is entered into the Baseball Hall of Fame

    Joe is inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Joe DiMaggio is chosen as Baseball's Greatest Living player

    For the 100th anniversary of baseball, the nation chooses Joe as the greatest living player.
  • Joe DiMaggio loses a 5-month battle with lung cancer and passes away

    Joe DiMaggio dies due to lung cancer in Hollywood, Florida. He was 84 years old.
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    Joe DiMaggio

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