Jimmy Carter Timeline

  • When Born

    When Born
    Jimmy Carter was born on, October 1,1924. In southwest Georgis in the Plains. He was the first president born in a hospital.
  • Period: to

    Life of JImmy Carter

  • Early Life

    Early Life
    He was the oldest out of four children. His father was a business owner and his mom was a nurse
  • Naval Career

    Naval Career
    As he got older he applied to United States Naval Academy. He got a bachelour in science.
  • Rosalynn Smith

    Rosalynn Smith
    He then met Rosalynn and got marredi and had four children.
  • Georgis State Senate

    Georgis State Senate
    Jimmy Carter was elected to run for state senate. After the first two years he declined anothe two years for senate.
  • Campaign for Govenor

    Campaign for Govenor
    After he ran for state senate he then wanted to be the governor of Georgia.
  • Farming and Personal Information

    Him and his family were very wealthy for farming peanuts. He was the first presdient to livbe in poor housing.
  • As Governor

    After the election he won by a small margin. He was opposed to many things.
  • Campaign for President?

    After his years of Governor he ran for something a lot bigger like the President. He ran aginst three people running for President.
  • He Won!!!

    He won which was by such a small margin. He took the United States into his hands.
  • President Problems

    As President his brother was a drunk and was drinking a lot.
    For the president it was just not a good image.
  • Back to Georgia

    When he finished his residency he wentback to his hometown. He was know a former President.
  • Done with President

    He then finished for president. He then went back to georgia.
  • Carter Center

    Then in 1982 a center made out to him was built. It was of thenicest thing.
  • Vietnam

    He wentto vietnam. He wentto build houses for the poor.
  • Authour?

    Hehas been an authour sincehe was not in Presidency. He hasmade 23 boks.
  • Elder

    In Africa he joined an elder group. He was so proud.
  • Long Lived

    He has been the longest lived manfrom Presidency. He has been having a happy life.
  • Ever since

    Ever since then he has been a pastor. He is now eighty eight.
  • NOW!!

    Right now he living with a long fulfilled life. He is a wonderful pastor I bet.