Jimmy Carter

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  • Birth

    Jimmy Carter was born on October 1st, 1924. His birthplace is Plains, Georgia.
  • Attended College

    In 1942 Jimmy attended college. The college he attended was Georgia Institute Of Technology.
  • Newly Weds

    Newly Weds
    Jimmy had proposed to Rosalynn Smith before but she refused. He proposed the second time and they both got married in July 1946.
  • Graduated Naval Academy

    Graduated Naval Academy
    In August 1946, Jimmy graduated from Naval Academy. He graduated in the top 10% of his class.
  • Birth of his first son

    On July 3, 1947, Jimmy's first son was born. They decided to name him Jack.
  • Birth of his second son

    On April 12, 1950, Jimmy’s second son was born. They decided to name him James.
  • Birth of his third son

    In August 1952, Jimmy’s third son was born. They decided to name him Donnel.
  • Earl Carter's passing

    In July 1953, Jimmy’s father, Earl Carter died. The cause of death was cancer.
  • Elected Georgia Senator

    In 1963 Jimmy was elected a senator for his home state. He was a member of the Democratic party.
  • Senator term ended

    In 1967 Jimmy was no longer a senator for Georgia. His term had ended.
  • Birth of his first daughter

    On October 19, 1967, Jimmy had his first and only daughter. They decided to name her Amy.
  • Became governor for Georgia

    In 1971 Jimmy had run for governor. He won and became governor of Georgia.
  • Governor term ended

    In 1975 Jimmy was no longer governor of Georgia. His term had ended.
  • Became president

    Became president
    Jimmy had run for president against Gerald Ford (38th President of the US) On January 20, 1977, he was inaugurated into office.
  • Presidential term ended

    Presidential term ended
    Jimmy’s term had ended. On January 20, 1981, Jimmy was no longer president and had lost to Ronald Reagan (40th president of the US)
  • Won the Nobel Peace Prize

    Won the Nobel Peace Prize
    In 2002 Jimmy had won the Nobel Peace Prize. This was because "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development." This was a direct quote from NobelPrize.org.