jimmy carter

  • when in officer

    when in officer
    He was a soldier, farmer, worehouseman,and even Public official professor. H was a hard working man didn't plat around at all he was a realy good manin the war farming and in life.
  • won

    He had 49 of the 50 states
  • wrote the senator

    wrote the senator
    he wrote is for 2 week after he was in office.
  • Three mile Island

    Three mile Island
    there were so many people because of the voye there peope vary mad.
  • following the cabinet

    following the cabinet
    carter ask fo the resignations of several cabinet members
  • Takeover of iran

    Takeover of iran
    They have had American hostages in there hands. By lranian students.
  • when ronald reagon

    when ronald reagon
    he was in offoce after jimmy carter was in office.