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Jimmy Carter

  • Born

    Jimmy Carter was born by his parents, Lillian Gordy Carter and James Earl Carter, Sr.
  • Period: to

    Jimmy Carter Timeline

  • Married

    Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith, she was from the same town.
  • Father's Death

    Father's Death
    When Jimmy Earl Carter Sr. died in 1953, Jimmy Carter Jr. took control of the family busniness, a peanut farm.
  • Left The Navy

    Left The Navy
    Jimmy Carter Jr. Left the Navy to take control of the farm.
  • UFO Sighting

    UFO Sighting
    Jimmy Carter spotted, what he called, a "UFO". He is still the only president who ever filed a UFO sighting.
  • Governer of Geogia

    Governer of Geogia
    Jimmy Carter became Georgia's 76th governor.
  • Habit for Humanity

    Habit for Humanity
    Carter started the Habitat for Humanity where he provided shelter for the homeless.
  • Elected for President

    Elected for President
    Jimmy Carter was elected President on this date, though, he didn't go into office until a couple months later.
  • Elected Into Office

    Elected Into Office
    President Carter was elected in November 1976. He was put into office, though, on this date.
  • U.S. Energy Crisis

    U.S. Energy Crisis
    Jimmy Carter knew about the energy depleting in the U.S. He pleaded everyone to get solar panels in their houses. He also wore sweaters around the Whitehouse to stop from turning up the heat.
  • Panama Canal Treaty

    Panama Canal Treaty
    Carter signed the treaty that gave Panama control of the Panama Canal.
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    Carter went and signed treaties in Egypt and Israel.
  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident

    Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident
    Parts of the nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania stopped working, allowing all different kinds of dangerous liquids to spill.
  • Iran Hostage Crisis Begins

    Iran Hostage Crisis Begins
    61 Americans were held hostage in Iran because of Carter helping the Shah.

    SALT II stands for Strategic Arms Limitation Talks 2. Jimmy Carter went and talked to other rulers and came up with the final agreement in 1979.
  • Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

    Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
    A treaty that was signed to designate 100 million acres of land to the public.
  • Leaving Office

    Leaving Office
    Jimmy Carter leavees office because of his loss to Ronald Reagan.
  • Iran Hostage Crisis Ends

    Iran Hostage Crisis Ends
    After 444 days of being hostage, the Americans were let go about minutes after Carter lost his presidency.
  • The Carter Center

    The Carter Center
    Jimmy Carter becomes a college professor at a Georgia college and founds The Carter Center.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    Jimmy Carter was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development."