Jimmy Carter

  • James E. Carter is born

    president jimmy carter is born to James E. Carter and Lillian Carter
  • Stock market

    the Stock market crash's
  • social secruity act

  • world war II

    the start of world war II
  • The attack on Pearl harbor

    the japanese bomb pearl harbor
  • Jimmy carter transfers from high school to college

    Jimmy Carter graduates high school and attends Georgia southwest college
  • Jimmy carter attends Georgia tech university

  • Jimmy carter graduates from the u.s. naval academy

  • married Roselynn smith

    Jimmy carter marries Roselynn smith
  • Jimmy carters first son is born

    John williams carter is born to Jimmy and Roselynn carter
  • James E. Carter III is born

  • donnell jeffrey carter is born

  • James E. Carter sr. dies of cancer

  • carter becomes state senator of Geogia

  • carter's duaghter Amy Lynn Carter is born

  • Carter becomes the governor of the state of Georgia

  • Carter announces his run for presidency

  • Carter publishes his autobiography "why not the best"

  • Jimmy Carter wins the presidental election