Jim thorpe football

Jim Thorpe

  • was born

    was born near Prague, Oklahoma
  • Period: to

    lifespan of Jim Thorpe

  • went to boarding school

    went to boarding school and kept running away
  • brother died

    Jim's brother died of pneumomia
  • goes to different boarding school

  • mom dies

    mother dies and he ran away from school and started working in a small ranch
  • play in the olympics

    wen to olympics
  • married

    married Iva Miller whom he had met at Carlisle. They had four children: Jim Jr. (who died at age 2), Gale, Charlotte and Grace.Miller filed for divorce from Thorpe in 1925.
  • banned from olympics

  • retires

  • invited to see olympics

    the president invited him to watch the olympics with him.
  • becomes an actor

  • retires

  • movie released about him

  • dies

  • two town and make a city called Jim Thorpe