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Jim Chamberlin

  • Jim Chamberlin is born

    Jim Chamberlin is born
    James Arthur "Jim" Chamberlin is born in Kamloops, British Columbia.
  • High School!

    High School!
    Chamberlin finishes high school at the University of Toronto Schools.
  • College!

    Chamberlin recieves first mechanical engineering degree at the University of Toronto.
  • More College!

    More College!
    Chamberlin recieves second degree in mechanical engineering at Imperial College of London.
  • Begins Career!

    Begins Career!
    Chamberlin begins his engineering career with British aircraft company, Martin-Baker. Works on the production of Avro Anson by Federal Aircraft Ltd. in Montreal. (1940-1941)
  • Training!

    On training and anti-submarine aircraft as chief engineer at Clarke Ruse Aircraft in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (1941–1942)
  • Researcher!

    Becomes a research engineer at Robert Noorduyn's company in Montreal.
  • Joins Company!

    Joins Company!
    Chamberlin joins Avro Aircraft Ltd. in Toronto.
  • Space Task!

    Space Task!
    Chamberlin leads a team of 25 engineers to NASA's Space Task Group.
  • Bye-Bye NASA!

    Bye-Bye NASA!
    Chamberlin leaves NASA to join McDonnell Douglas Astronautics before becoming technical director for the company's facility at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
  • R.I.P.

    Jim Chamberlin dies in Houston, Texas.