Jim brown

Jim Brown

By Mr. G
  • Baby

    On February 17th James Nathaniel Brown was born.
  • Jim brown in high school

    Jim brown in high school
    At Manhasset Secondary School, Brown earned 13 letters playing football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball and running track.
  • Syracuse

    In 1952 Jim brow went to the University of Syracuse. He played four sports basketball, football, lacrosse, and track. There is no arguament that he was the greatest all around athlete in Syracuse University's history.
  • All-American

    He was an all-american football player. He was also an all-american lacrosse player with 43 goals in 10 games. He letter in track and averaged 12 pts a game in basketball.
  • Draft

    Got drafted in the NFL draft. Started his creear with the Browns.
  • Rookie

    Jim Brown was named rookie of the year
  • Period: to


    1958, 1963, 1965 Named league's Most Valuable Player
  • Record

    Jim Brown Sets single season rushing record with 1,863 yards
  • Done with the NFL

    Done with the NFL
    Announces retirement from NFL
  • HOF

    He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He would also be inducted into the NCAA Hall of Fame and Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
  • Coming back

    Coming back
    After 17 years he contenplated coming out of retirement. He did not want Franco Harris to brake his record. He did not like the way the Franco ran. THe reacord would be broken by Walter payton.
  • UFC

    Jim Brown became a color commentator for the UFC.