Jew Mad

  • WWI

    Many European countries have been created and taken in the period of time, looking at a various of civilian and 'target' Jews down in this period of time living with the global economic stress.
  • Appointment of Adolf Hitler

    This was the call for Adolf Hitler as the German chancellor and rise of the Nazis, also being known as the Third Reich, rising and contributing towards their economic and racial goals.
  • The Holocaust (WWII)

    This was the Holocaust risen with the Nazi's leaving war out on Jews, having them marked with a sign or having to be put into camps for identification and torture. As development occurred a group called the Einsatzgruppen was developed by the Nazi's being used as a mass and mobile killing run following the Nazi's.
  • The Final Solution (WWII)

    Deeps action was said to be made by the Germans, so deportation was taking place with the Jews having them locked up and gased as a style of massed death.
  • Survivors

    This had sought out the WWII cotastrophe leaving millions of Jews exposed to death by foreigner allies and thousands of survivors with disease and hunger leaving the camp.