Jerry Lee Lewis

By Domcon
  • Birth

    Jeryy Lee Lewis was born in eastern Louisiana. He was poor.
  • Demo

    He recored his very first demo in 1954.
  • Nashville

    He went to Nashville in 1955. He played clubs and tired to get people to like him, he failed.
  • Elvis Fame

    Him and elvis presely where friends, they recoreded some stuff on Dec 4, 1956.
  • Cousin Loving

    After a bit of snooping a reporter found that he was maried to his first cousin!
  • Recovering

    In the 1960's he was a bit dried up so her tried to recover himself and make it big. He did when playing country ballads.
  • Fame, Fame and Fame

    A major motion picture on his life was published and named " Great Balls of Fire!"
  • Hall of fame

    He got into the rock and roll hall of fame.
  • Not Dead

    To this day in life, he lives.