Jelly Roll Morton

By Domcon
  • Birth

    He was born on October 20 18 in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • World War 1

    He faked his death so he did not have to go to world war 1.
  • The Start

    At the age of 14 he became a piano player in brothel.
  • Kicked out

    When is grandmother fouind out that he was playing jazz, she kicked him out.
  • Touring

    Around this time period he started to go intob south america and started to tour. One of his big hits was "Jelly Roll Blues".
  • Working our way up

    Pretty soon he was a pretty well known musician. He got to New York City and Chicago in 1910
  • Maried At Last

    In November 1928 Morton maried Mabel Bertrand.
  • Stabbed

    He was stabbbed in a bar fight in his later years
  • Dead at last

    Morton died after having a asmtha attack.