Jeffrey Dahmer

  • Jeffery was born.

    Jeffery was born.
    He was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His parents names were Joyce Dahmer and Lionel Dahmer.
  • Jeffrey's first victim.

    Jeffrey's first victim.
    His first victim was Steven Hicks. He killed him June 1978. Jeffery got him drunk then hit him with a dumb-bell then finally strangled him.
  • Jeffery's parents got divorced.

    Jeffery's parents got divorced.
    His parents divorce was granted on July 24, 1978. Jeffery started having thoughts about murder around 14 but it's been said that when his parents got divorced it turned his thoughts into actions. His parents getting divorced was a breaking point for Jeffery.
  • Jeffery joined the the army.

    Jeffery joined the the army.
    He joined the army late December 1978. Shortly after he was posted to Germany. He was discharged in 1981 due to drinking problems. Later police looked to see if he was connected to any murders in the area but it is not believed he killed anyone else while serving in the armed forces.
  • Jeffery got a job.

    Jeffery got a job.
    He got a job at the blood plasma center. He stole a vial of blood and took it home and drank it. His family found out about this and they knew he had problems they just decided not to do anything about it at all.
  • Jeffery exposing himself.

    Jeffery exposing himself.
    Jeffery was arrested on September 8, 1986 for peeing in front of a group of kids. Some versions of the story say he was masturbating.
  • Jeffery's second victim.

    Jeffery's second victim.
    In September 1987, He took his second victim, Steven Tuomi. He picked him up from a bar while he was drunk and smashed his chest in and attempted to rip out his heart.
  • Trial for child molestation.

    Trial for child molestation.
    He had a trial in May of 1989 for child molestation. This arrest was a eye opener for his defense counsel and they agreed he needed help. For one year he was able to work during the day then he had to come to the prison for the rest of he night, he was basically allowed a day release.
  • Jeffery almost getting caught, close call.

    Jeffery almost getting caught, close call.
    On May 27, 1991 Jeffery's neighbor Sandra Smith called the police and reported there was a naked boy running around the street which was one his victims who had escaped. Police showed up and took Dahmer's word that he was his uncle and took them back to Jeffery's home.
  • Jeffery was caught.

    Jeffery was caught.
    He was caught on July 22, 1991. One of his victims, Tracy Edwards, had escaped from his home and spotted police for help. Edwards told the police the story and the police went to Jeffery's house and he was arrested.
  • Ten hours of insanity.

    Ten hours of insanity.
    Jeffery kept switching if he was guilty or not guilty of killing certain people so on February 15, 1992 the police pressed him for ten hours. After that he admitted to be guilty of all crimes. He was sentenced to sixteen life terms in prison.
  • Jeffery Died.

    Jeffery Died.
    He died on November 28, 1994. He died in Jail and was killed by another inmate named Christopher Scarver. Christopher said he killed Jeffery because he would arrange his meals to look like body parts and then would lather them with ketchup to represent blood.