Jeff Henderson

By dycee
  • alone

    Jeff's father left at the age of two
  • The Beginning

    By the time he was thirteen he started to bacome a theif
  • Stolen car with stolen money

    He bought his first car with weed money
  • STEALING is no laughing matter

    Jeff and his "gang" broke almost into every house on the block and stole their belongings
  • dealer

    Henderson started dealing crack to poker players in Las Vegas
  • Chriatmas Present

    He put down a payment for a camaro and a trip to Hawaii
  • Time to serve

    Jeff was shipped to terminal island a, a detention center in California
  • new

    Jeff was moved to Las Vegas
  • Good Behavior

    Jeff was relaesed from prison
  • Chef of the Year

    Jeff is awarded Chef of the Year
  • New leaf

    one of Jeff's old gang members was murdered
  • Book

    he published a book about his life titled"Cooked"
  • TV famous

    Henderson kaunched a TV show called "Chef Jeff Cooks"