Jazz's Short Line of Short Time

  • Birth of some guy named Jazz

    This is the day Jazz Hallman was born
  • Justice's birth

    This is the day Justice,Jazz's younger brother, was born. also the day he learned how loud his mom can scream.
  • Act your Age and Your shoe size.

    This is the year Jazz's shoe size matched with his age.
  • It aint the Stork?

    Jzaz learns where babies come from.
  • Home School Rock

    This was Jazz's first and only year of home school in the sixth grade.
  • Nothing Can hold me back....Except My parents

    Jazz had to repeat the seventh grade because his parents thought is was the optimum decision.
  • Accepted

    Jazz Hallman was accepted to one of the best schools in the citty of Denver( state of Colorado), the Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center, Middle Colege of Denver (CEC).
  • Junior National Volleyball-Year one

    Jazz arrived in Austin,TX to experience his frst year of national volleyball competiton.
  • Indepence Day

    This is the day Jazz was supposed to check into a hotel where he would be staying for the competiton. This day was a horrible day for Jazz beiing that he broke his ulna bone and factured his radius making him unable to compete in his tournament. He was in the hospital for 8 hours.
  • Like the patient of a suregon

    Jazz's arm was repositioned in Austin to heal correctly. unfortounately his arm would have healed like a boomerang if it wasn't for his 4-5 hour surgery. Jazz has a titanium plate as well as six titanium screws in his left arm to this day.
  • First Day at CEC

    This was the first day of Jazz's highschool Career at CEC.
  • Aneheim Cali

    Jazz competed at the Aneheim, California VolleyBall Tournament. Jazz also presented himself as a candidate for the highprefomance volley ball camp , where the most outstanding volleyball players in the nation are chosen to compete against the most outstaning volleyball players of the nation.
  • Junior Nationals -Year 2

    Jazz arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota recovered to compete in the 2011 Junior National Men's Volleyball Competition.
  • High Preformance -Tuscon Arizona

    Jazz's tryout in Aneheim was a success and was chosen to train in Tuscon, Arizona forthe Usa High Preformance Championships.
  • Timeline

    The day my time line is supposed tobe turned in to Ms. Hilgen