• New Orleans city council establishes "Congo Square" as an official site for slave music and dance.

    This marked a time where slaves were able to meet and share the music and dance they had been playing for their whole life.
  • Pianist Tommy Turpin writes Harlem Rag,

    This is the first known ragtime composition.
  • The first piano rags appear in print.

    This is also when ragtime started to become more and more popular.
  • Scott Japlin dies

    This also happened to be the year that ragtime was on it's way out of the jazz scene.
  • Electrical recordings are introduced.

    This is important to the sharing of jazz music
  • Miles Davis is born

    Miles Davis, whom some consider the best trumpet player ever, is born.
  • Kind of Blue is released.

    Often regarded as the best jazz album, kind of blue is released.