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Imperial Japan

  • Qing dynasty

    Qing dynasty
    The Qing dynasty was at the height of its power.
  • Nanjing

    The second largest city of the empire, Nanjing was attacked. Around 25, 000 people were massacred.
  • Opium trade

    Opium trade
    Chinese legalized opium trade and opened new ports for foreign trade.
  • Sat-Cho

    The Sat-Cho forced the shogun to promise to end relations with the West
  • Meiji Restoration

    Meiji Restoration
    The Sat-Cho army attacked the shogun’s palace and demanded that the emperor’s power be restored. The Meiji restoration begins.
  • Meiji Constitution

    Meiji Constitution
    [ ](s The Meiji constitution was adopted.
  • Surprise attack

    Surprise attack
    Japan launched a surprise attack on Russia at Port Arthur which Russia took from China in 1898.
  • Revolutionary Alliance

    Revolutionary Alliance
    [ ](http:// Sun Yat-sen forms Revolutionary Alliance in China
  • Gentlemen's Agreement

    Gentlemen's Agreement
    Theodore Roosevelt made a “gentlemen’s agreement” with Japan that essentially stopped Japanese immigration to the United States.
  • Korea

    Japan annexes Korea