Jane goodall

Jane Goodall

  • Born

    Jane Goodall is born!
  • Born to race

    Jane rode on a race horse. ( wrong month and day)
  • sister is born

    sister is born
    Janes sister is born. (wrong month and day)
  • France

    Jane and her family moved to France. ( wrong month and day)
  • hens

    Jane hid in a hen house and watched a hen lay an egg. ( wrong month and wrontg day)
  • graduate

    Jane graduates from high-school.(wrong month and day)
  • farm

    Jane`s friend Clo invites Jane to her farm in Kenya. (wrong month and wrong day)
  • Louis Leaky

    Louis  Leaky
    Jane goes to meet Louis Leaky. (wrong month and wrong day)
  • Monkeys every were

    Monkeys every were
    Jane started living among the chimpanzees.(wrong day and month)
  • Important discovory

    Jane sees David Grey (monkey) using ablade of grass to dig termites.(wrong month and day)