James patterson, The dangerous days of Daniel X, pg.269

  • pg. 1-50 pg50

    daniels parents are alien hunters and danile has the powers of his parents (he can shape shitf, make random people appear, and turn into other things.) number 6 comes down and was asking for the list and his parents wouldent give it to him. the house got burnt down and daniel got away.
  • pg 50-72 pg 72

    daniel moved into a aprment with his (parents that he imagend) to go to school. he met a girl in his school that he really likes.
  • pg 72-84 pg 84

    he found some aliens having little kids selling crack to people and daniel though he could use them to get to number 6. he ended up fighting them and one told him some information.
  • pg.82-137 pg137

    he is now living in a sewer after seth found where he lived and there are more aliens in the list that lived down there so he is getting them one by one getting closer to seth (number 6)
  • 137-164 pg 164

    daniel knows where seth is hiding and he is on his way to go find him he found out all the people with horse heads are seths minions.
  • pg 164-195 pg 195

    he found where seth is hiding and he is now inside the layer. he is going to kill seth.
  • pg195-236 pg 236

    he saw little kids working in a sewat shop tipe thing making drugs for seth. he staretd to fight all the horse head people but there were to many. he got captured and took to the jail there.
  • pg236-269 pg 269

    he excaped from the jail and searched the building. seth was gone he found him in the sewers where he lived and he kidded seth!