Iterchangeable Parts

  • Jan 30, 1000

    Earliest Recorded Use of Interchangeable Parts

    Be Sheng uses processes similar to interchangeable parts in the creation of moveable type.
  • Period: Jan 30, 1001 to

    Period of Nothingness

    But not really, I'm sure someone somewhere was doing something relevant to standardization.
  • First Industrial Standerdization of Parts

    Jean-Babtiste Vaquetta Gribeuaval imposes a fair amount of standerdization among artillery parts, but not true interchangeabillity.
  • Eli Whitney's Birth

    Exactly what it sounds like
  • First Use of True Interchangeable Parts

    Honore Blanc begins the use of interchangeable flinlocks in muskests.
  • Demonstration of Interchangeable Parts Before Congress

    Eli Whitney demonstrates to Congress how interchangeable parts can be used in the production of firearms by dissasembling a rifle and reasembling it with parts from a different one. Impressed, Congress makes it the standard for the millitary. Unfortunately, the guns Whitney had designed with these parts were extremely expensive and hard to make.
  • First Mass Production of Interchangeable Parts

    Marc Brunell founds a buiseness producing standardized blocks for English ships.
  • Eli Whitney's Death

    Read the freaking title!
  • Use of Interchangeable Parts in Gun Manufacturing

    Samuel Colt opens a revolver manufacturing factory using interchangeable parts to mass produce weaponry.
  • Early History

    Attempts at interchangeable parts can be traced back to the Punic Wars.
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford uses standarized parts in his automobile production, allowing for easy assembly.
  • Self-Repairing Parts

    Jacob Harris, multi-billionare scientist and well-reknowned ladies man invents self-repairing parts, eliminating the need to replace broken down and unuseable parts. Jacob throws a party in celebration, inviting adoring fashion models and cheerleaders to join him.