Iraq history

  • Period: to

    Iraq history

  • Egyptian viceroy Mehmet Ali Pasa reconquers Medina and Mecca

  • First Turko-Egyptian War

  • Battle of Navarino, combined fleets of the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire defeat Ottoman fleet

  • Convention of London,Muhammad Ali granted hereditary rule over Egypt

  • tribal revolt was launched after Arnold Wilson refused to allow any possibility of self-government

  • fall of ottoman empire

    exact date unknown
  • Saddam Hussein, former dictator of iraq, was born

  • British troops invaded Iraq to form a pro-British government

  • Feissal II became king of Iraq

  • Kuait declared independence

  • genral General Abd-al-Karim Qassim officially called for Kuait to be returned to Iraqi homeland

  • Iraq and Soveit Union signed a 15 year treaty of peace and friendship

  • The war between Iran and Iraq began when Iranian and Iraqi air and naval forces clashed over disputed territory escalates.