IR 349 Final

  • McMahon- Hussein Correspondence 1915

    ○ With the exception of areas west of Damascus, Homs, Hama and Aleppo, UK is prepared to recognize and support the independent of the Arabs in all regions within the limits demanded ○ The Arabs then have to recognize the established position and interests of the UK and give them special administrative arrangements
  • The Sykes-Picot Agreement

    ○ France has a sphere of interest in the parts of current Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan ○ UK has a sphere of interest from the eastern boarder of Egypt through Iraq § Also has control of Haifa and Akko § Israel and Jerusalem is part of international zone
  • Balfour Declaration

    ○ UK supports the establishment of a home for the Jewish People in Palestine and will use their best endeavors to facilitate achievement of this objective ○ Nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil or religious rights of non-Jewish communities ○ Nothing shall be done to prejudice the rights or political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country
  • LON Palestine Mandate

    ○ Establishment of a Jewish national home ○ Safeguarding all peoples regardless of race or religion ○ Zionist organization responsible for the establishment of Jewish National Home ○ Law provisions frame so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who live in Palestine No measure shall be taken to obstruct a member of any religion or race
  • Treaty Between Iraq and UK 1

    ○ Iraq recognizes special interest of British in Iraq ○ King of Iraq agrees to be guided by British on issues of finance and international obligations § Agrees to give rights of judicial matter of foreigners to UK to protect interests of foreigners ○ No action shall be taken in Iraq to obstruct the rights of missionaries
  • US Sec. of State to Consul General at Nanking

    US government will not admit the legality of the situation in Manchuria, nor will it recognize any treatment or agreement between Japan or China and a third party that may impart the treaty rights of the US or its citizens in China, or the open door policy
  • Japan-Manchoukuo Protocol Sept 1932

    ○ Manchoukuo shall confirm and respect all the rights and interest by Japan or her subjects in Manchoukuo ○ Manchoukuo and Japan agree to cooperate in the maintenance of their national security
  • Lytton Commission

    ○ The establishment of Manchoukuo opposes the interest of China, disregards the wishes of the people, and ultimately is questionable whether it would serve the interest of Japan ○ Japan looks to further industrialization as a means to cope with agrarian crisis and the their growing population ○ Although USSR is not a participant in the commission, their interests in Manchuria cannot be over looked ○ The rights and interests of Japan in Manchuria are facts whic
  • The Amau Doctrine

    ○ Japan has been compelled to withdraw from the LON because of their failure to agree in their opinions on the fundamental principles of preserving peace in East Asia ○ Unification of China, preservation of her territorial integrity and restoration of order are all goals of Japan ○ Japan opposes therefore any attempt on the part of China to avail herself of any other country in order to resist Japan ○ Japan opposes supplying China with any military equipment or pr
  • Hitler's Address to Nazi Party Congress

    ○ Germany is a strong nation which is represented by the army ○ Germany is healthy again § Here internal and external affairs are in order ○ Germany is a lover of peace; the international press tries to weave Germany into a circle of their speculations ○ Contrary to law and treaties, the blood brothers of Germany are being treated awfully ○ The Bolshevist International from Moscow is willfully and openly spreading hatred among peoples ○ Jews are agitators and separators among peop
  • Nuremberg Laws

    ○ Marriages between Jews and Germans prohibited ○ Sex prohibited between Jews and Germans ○ Jews cannot employ female housekeepers younger than 45 ○ Jews cannot raise national flag or display colors
  • Treaty between France and USSR 1935

    ○ If attacked, France and the USSR will come to the aid of the attacked country ○ Does not contradict any previous treaties assumed by France or the USSR with other countries Acknowledges the fact that there was supposed to be a treaty of mutual assistance between Germany, France, and Russia; this was not able to be put together
  • Haile Selassie's Appeal to the LON

    ○ No precedent for such an unprovoked attack and no international response ○ The systematic extermination of the people of Ethiopia is in violation of the most solemn promises ○ In October 1935, 52 nations gave Selassie assurances that the aggressor would not triumph ○ Stated in Article 16 of the LON Charter, any aggression against one member is to considered as an act of aggression against all member states ○ Only asking for financial assistance to purchase arms to defend themselves
  • Buenos Aires Conference

    ○ "No state has the right to intervene in the internal or eternal affairs of another" ○ The respect for the personality, sovereignty and independence of each American state is in order to promote continental solidarity against outside aggressors ○ Peace, international law, economic reconstruction
  • The Anti-Comintern Pact

    ○ Japan and Germany ○ Parties will mutually keep each other informed concerning communist activities and confer on necessary defense measures ○ Parties will jointly invite other countries who oppose communism to join them Parties will take measure against those who at home or abroad work for communism
  • Peel Commission

    ○ Two states ○ Guaranteed access to holy places ○ Separate land that Jews live in from Arab lands ○ Compensate Arabs for lost property ○ Allow reasonable area for growth of Jewish state ○ No frontier can be drawn that separates Jews from Arabs ○ Free transit of goods and rights of port use ○ No Jews should be allow to immigrate to the Arab areas of the land during the period of transition to an Arab state
  • Munich Pact

    ○ Germany, UK, France, Italy ○ Establishes a German-Czech commission to resolve the territorial and population issues ○ The Czech government will release any Germans from their military, police and political prisoners UK and France only enter into this agreement under the condition that a new Czech state is developed with new borders, as guaranteed by Germany and Italy
  • Address Delivered by the Japanese Foreign Minister before the Japanese Diet

    ○ All Japan wants is that China recognizes Japan's special interests in Manchuria ○ Claims that the Nationalist government had to denounce Japans action because they had been so anti-Japanese, but in reality the Japanese had China's best interests in mind and now the Nationalist have put millions of people in suffering ○ Japan gives the Chinese one last chance to reconsider their actions under the condition t
  • Benito Mussolini: What is Fascism?

    ○ Does not believe either in the possibility or the utility of perpetual peace § Repudiates pacifism, which suggests to give up the struggle and implies cowardice in the face of the necessity of sacrifice ○ Any doctrine that starts from the initial postulate of peace is foreign to fascism ○ Believes in the heroism and action ○ Denies that numbers can govern ○ The State is something absolute , before which individuals and groups are something relative ○ The State wants to be strong
  • The White Paper

    ○ One state solution § Jews and Arabs share governing responsibilities ○ British will provide security ○ Immigration will be based almost entirely on economic capacity of the land to absorb people § Exception to this is that indefinite Jewish immigration causes tensions between Arabs and Jews ○ Sooner or later, the relations between Arabs and Jews must be based sooner or later on mutual tolerance
  • Declaration of Neutrality of the American Republics

    ○ Unanimous intention not to become involved in the European conflicts ○ Each country is to regulate their neutrality in their individual and sovereign capacities ○ All signatories shall prevent § Their respective terrestrial, maritime and aerial territories from being utilized as bases of belligerent operation § The inhabitants of their territories from engaging in activities affecting their neutral status § The enlistment of persons to serve the military of the belligerents
  • Einstein's Letter to FDR August

    ○ Most important source of Uranium is in Belgian Congo ○ Funding is necessary to speed up work and encouraging collaboration with laboratories is essential ○ Germany has stopped the sales of Uranium, meaning they understand the significance of the bomb and are pursuing one themselves
  • Non-Aggression Pact Between USSR and Germany 1

    ○ Should any of the powers become the object of belligerent action by a third power, the other power shall in no manner lend its support to third power ○ Neither of the two parties shall participate in any grouping of powers that is aimed directly or indirectly at the other party ○ Secret Protocol: Germany has a sphere of influence in the Baltic States and Poland § Russia has a sphere of influence in Romania
  • Convention for Administration of European Colonies and Possessions

    ○ Any transfer of the sovereignty, jurisdiction, possession or any interest in or control over any state in the American region to a non-American state would be regarded by the American republics as an act against the republics ability to maintain their security and political independence
  • Japanese Foreign Policy Statement

    ○ Goal is to create a new order in East Asia ○ Wants to settle China Affair ○ Renovation of education ○ Establishment of a sphere o cooperative economies, with Japan-China-Manchoukou as one of those units ○ Planned economy and unitary control system covering production, distribution, and consumption ○ Expansion of vital industries, communication, transportation, agriculture ,land development
  • Three Powers Pact

    ○ Germany, Italy, Japan ○ Each given proper place in the world ○ New world order in Europe and East Asia ○ Mutual political, economic, military efforts
  • Lend Lease Act

    ○ To manufacture and sell defense articles to any country who the president deems vital to the defense of the United States
  • Pact of Neutrality Between USSR and Japan

    ○ Maintain peaceful relations ○ Should one party be attacked, the other will maintain neutrality throughout the conflict
  • Hitler's Explanation to Mussolini for Invading Russia

    ○ England has lost the war ○ The USSR is interested in Europe falling into the wrong hands ○ No chance of eliminating America ○ USSR is hypocritical ○ Need for food supply and oil from USSR ○ Treaty with USSR was always irksome
  • The Atlantic Charter August 1941

    ○ US and UK ○ Desire to see no territorial changes that do not follow the will of the peoples concerned ○ Right of self-determination ○ After destruction of Nazi tyranny, they hope to see peace and freedom for everyone
  • FDR's Speech after Pearl Harbor December 1941

    ○ Japan deliberately deceived the US by false statements for peace ○ Japan also attacked Hong Kong, Guam, the Philippines, Wake Island, Midway Island ○ US people, interests, territory in grave danger
  • Gandhi's Quit India Resolution

    ○ Britain is incapable to defending India § It is natural that what she does is in her own defense ○ Japan has no issue with India, only Britain § If India were freed, her first step would probably be to negotiate with Japan ○ For the sake of both countries, Britain should give up India even if she does not give up all her Asiatic and African possessions ○ India will not fight Japan but will rather act in non-violent non-cooperation § The dest
  • Madame Chiang Kai-Shek's Address to the Senate

    ○ I know your people, language, life ○ It is necessary not only to have ideals and proclaim them, but we act to implement them
  • Statement from the Cairo Conference

    ○ UK, US, China ○ Fighting war to restrain and punish aggression of Japan
  • Tehran Conference

    ○ UK, US, USSR ○ Plans created to destroy German forces § No one can prevent German destruction § Attack will be relentless ○ Provide special economic assistance for Iran
  • Yalta Conference

    ○ US, UK, USSR ○ Called for § Unconditional German surrender and the division of the country into 4 zones with Berlin as the headquarters § Demilitarization and end of Nazi party in Germany § Reparations for the USSR § Poland would be controlled by a USSR established government just until elections could take place § USSR would enter the war 90 days after German defeat
  • Potsdam Conference

    ○ Treatment of Germany § Treat all German citizens as uniformly as possible § Convince German people that they have suffered a total defeat and cannot escape responsibility for their actions § War criminals will be brought to judgment § Treat as one single economic unit § Moving Germany's eastern border to the west and expelling all Germans living in the new area that is then part of Poland § All Germans living in Czechoslovakia and Hungary are expelled to