iPod History

  • Twin Towers Fell

    Twin Towers Fell
    2 planes crash on the twin towers and they calaps killing over 1,000 of people in New York.
  • iPod 1 Generation

    iPod 1 Generation
    Apple presents iPod offering 1,000 songs in your pocket
  • Period: to

    iPod Time Line

  • World Cup

    World Cup
    2 goals from ronaldo wich made the victory and won the world cup in Yokohama.
  • Windows compatible iPod

    Windows compatible iPod
    Apple introduces the second generation iPod, compatible with windows and holding up to 4,000 songs
  • Bush

    Announces ready to attack Iraq even without a UN mandate.
  • Third Generation iPod

    Third Generation iPod
    The new third generation iPod that was thinner and lighter than two CD's holds 7,500 songs
  • iPod Mini

    iPod Mini
    Apple introduces iPod mini, available in five colors
  • tsunamis in South Asia

     tsunamis in South Asia
    damaged the countries in south asia
  • iPod Shuffle

    iPod Shuffle
    Smaller and lighter than a pack of gum. Also comes with its own lanyard 512MB holds up to 120 songs.
  • iPod nano

    iPod nano
    Replaces iPod mini and becomes the best selling music player.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    There was a hurricane and Indian Ocean tsunami , 1836 people died, damag of total $100 billion, natrul disaster in U.S.
  • 2006 World Cup

    2006 World Cup
    Italy wins there fourth world cup beating France in the stadium Zinedine Zidane's France gets a red card and after that Italy puts there effort.
  • iPod Shuffle

    iPod Shuffle
    Built in clip. Easy to control your music, you can take it with you anywere.
  • Britney's shaved head

    Britney's shaved head
    She shaved her head beacuse she was going trough alot of stress and she called it a rocky moment
  • iPod touch

    iPod touch
    Built in Wi-Fi, Touch screen, 3.5 inches. First ever Wi-Fi iPod
  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    Wins the election John Mcain loses. Barack Obam becomes the 44th Presedent of the United States. 95% of people said that they voted for Barack Obama
  • New Boyz

    New Boyz
    They first got reconized by there hit single "Your A Jerk" after that did more songs and got out there fist album "Skinny Jeans And A Mic"
  • 2010 World Cup

    2010 World Cup
    Taked place in South Africa, Spain Beats Holland 0-1, first time takeing that prize.
  • iPod Touch

    iPod Touch
    Retina Display, video calling, HD video recording, video games.
  • iPod Nano

    iPod Nano
    Touch screen, and a built in clip, RED Special Edition, 8 GB or 16 GB, helps to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.