Ipod Growth

  • Classic

    The first Ipod had 5 gb. You can only have a maxiumun of 1000.
  • iTunes

    Came out in April,29,03 and is still going right now.
  • Nano

    Came out in January,6,04 and only had 4gb.
  • Shuffle

    It came out in January 11, 2005 and only had 1gb.
  • Touch

    Came out in January 5, 2007 and had 8,16, and 32 gb
  • New Classic

    As of right now the newset Ipod Classic came out in Sept, 5, 07 and had as much as 160gb.
  • New Ipod Nano

    New Ipod Nano
    As of fight now the newest Ipod nano came out on Sept, 1,10 and has as much as 16gb.
  • New Ipod Touch

    As of right now the newest Ipod touch came out on Sept, 9, 10. It has as much as 64 gb and a nice camera tool.