• Tony Fadell - creator

    Tony Fadell - creator
    He wanted to create a better MP3 player. He worked for Apple Computers.
  • Ipod Mini- invented.

    Ipod Mini- invented.
    the ipod mini was said to have more battery capasity than the classic.
  • The first Ipod Touch

    The first Ipod Touch
    the first ipod touch had a camera, audio , video and app store. and built in speackers.
  • Ipod Nano

    Ipod Nano
    Had 24 hours of audio capasity and 8 hours of video.
  • ipod shuffle

    ipod shuffle
    the ipod shuffle was for the people who wanted only 15 hours of audio and no video
  • IPod 5

    IPod 5
    16, 32, 64 GB storage, audio 40 hours, video 7 hours. improved camera.