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  • The First IPhone

    The First IPhone
    On June 29, 2007, Apple Computers came out with their new touchscreen cell phone. Over two hundered people were apart of the design of the IPhone. The first idea for the IPhone came in 2000 when John Casey sent around his idea via E-Mail to other workers. The IPhone was so special because at the time it was the first smart phone with no keypad for dialing. It was entirely touchscreen and at the time that was very rare.
  • The IPhone 3G

    The IPhone 3G
    This was the second generation model. This had a fast processecor as well as many other step ups. The IPhone 3G had 8 GB model and 16 GB model storage. Its operating system was iOS 2.0. This was the first one that had 3G cellular support, GPS, and was available in black and white also. It had 10 hours of 2G talk time, 5 hours of 3G talk time, 6 hours of internet browsing, and 24 hours audio, also.
  • The IPhone 3GS

    The IPhone 3GS
    This was the follow up thrid generation. This had new features like video recodring and voice recording. It had 16 GB model and 32 GB model for storage. It had the iOS 3.0 operating system, faster processing, and more RAM. It also had 9 hours of internet browsing and 30 hours of audio.
  • IPhone 4

    IPhone 4
    The IPhone 4 is thinner and longer than the previous IPhones. It is coated with aluminosilicate glass covering both the front and the back of the phone. It had the iOS 4.0 operating system, slimmer design, high resolution screen, and multi tasking. 14 hours of 2G talking time, 7 hours of 3G talking time, 10 hours of internet browsing and 40 hours of audio.