Iowa Hawkeyes: The A-Hawkalipse

  • Ricky Stanzi is injured

    Ricky Stanzi is injured
    Ricki Stanzi injures his ankle, out for the season. Vandenberg fills the position and his firts pass is intercepted.
  • Jordan Bernstien's arrest

    Jordan Bernstien's arrest
    public Intox
  • Broderick Binns Arrest

    Broderick Binns is arrested for Public Intox
  • Embarrassing Loss to Arizona

    27-34, at AZ
  • Hawkeyes fall to Minnesota

    The hawkeyes lose to minnesota 24-27
  • DJK arrested and kicked off the team

    Neighbors react to Johnson-Koulianos arrestDerrell Johnson-Koulianos was arrested for a variety of drug charges.
  • Adam Robinson Arrested

    Arrested on marijuana charges. He got his Christmas weed confiscated.
  • Hospitalization of 13 Players

    13 Hawkeyes were hospitalized for rhabdomyolysis.
  • Loss to Iowa State

    44-41 after triple overtime.
  • AJ Derby arrested

    Arrested for fourth degree criminal mischief.
  • Loss to Minnesota

    22-21...so close....
    MN ranked worst in the conference.
  • First at-home Michigan State loss in 20+ years

    The final score was 37-21; devastating.