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    This is a timeline of all the inventions created since I was born.
  • First iPod Released

    First iPod Released
    The first iPod was realeased. The iPod is used to listen to music.
  • Segway PT

    The segaway is an self controlled two wheeled transportation device. It is mostly used for tourists in tour guides around the world.
  • First PSP Invented

    First PSP Invented
    The PSP is used for playing games through buttons. It is a portable machine.
  • Xbox 360 Released

    Xbox 360 Released
    The Xbox is a video game machine.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    The Wii is used for playing games, you have to control it by using your controller.
  • iPhone First Generation Realeased

    iPhone First Generation Realeased
    The first iPhone was realeased on the 29th of June.
  • Mac Book Air

    Mac Book Air
    The Mac Book Air is an ultra- thin laptop. the mac book air was created by Apple.
  • First iPad Invented

    First iPad Invented
    The first iPad invented. The iPad is a touch-screen computer or laptop.
  • iPhone 3gs Released

    iPhone 3gs Released
  • iPhone 4 Released

    iPhone 4 Released