Timeline created by Navas24
  • The URSS send the first ever satellite to the space

    Because of this, USA feel very frightened
  • EEUU creates the ARPA proyect

    It is created because of the Cold War against the nuclear attacks
  • EEUU developes the DARPA proyect

    This is to prevent the possible net fails
  • The first communications via telephone

    This was between USA and the laboratories
  • The first email is sent

  • The first app, browser and virus is created

    The browser was archifinder and the virus was Morris
  • ARPANET is transformed into WWW( WORLD WIDE WEB)

  • Mosaic is created

    The first ever used browser in the world
  • Netscape is created

    It’s an evolution of Mosaic
  • HTML language, windows 95, explorer and the first blogs are created

  • Hotmail, is created

    It connects more than 10 millions of computers to the net
  • Google is developed

    The most used browser and most famous until now
  • WIFI connection is developed

    It allows people to have a wireless connection
  • Facebook is created

    The most used social media
  • YouTube is created

    The most used videos platform ever used in the world
  • Internet has got one thousand millions of users

    In the future it will increase more
  • Twitter is created

    It was created as and SMS of internet
  • The first iPhone is in selling

    The first of all the mobile phones of the apple company is created
  • 3G technology is developed

    The third generation is developed as an improvement of the second generation technology
  • Google Chrome is created

    The new and most used browser is created
  • WhatsApp messenger is created

    The most famous message application in all the world
  • Instagram is created

    The new social media will be the most used in few years because of it’s revolution on the net
  • The first iPad is created

    The small computer is available because of the amount of sell that the iPhone got
  • 4G technology is on The phones

    The new technology is now more modern then the 3G and it anticipates the 5G technology
  • Windows 10 is available

    The new Microsoft’s software will be an innovation for the computer industry
  • The last iPhone is in the market

    The iPhone 11 is in the market with the latest modern technology in all the communication companies