Internar Period

  • End of the wordl war one

    End of the wordl war one
    The Armistice signed at Le Francport near Compiègne that ended fighting on land, sea, and air in World War I between the Entente and their last remaining opponent, Germany.
  • Treats of Versailles

    Treats of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles, signed a crucial agreement that ended World War I, officially stopping fighting between Germany and most of the Allied Powers.
  • Mussolinn seized the power

    Mussolinn seized the power
    Mussolini seized power in Italy and became Prime Minister. His leadership marked the establishment of a fascist regime, characterized by authoritarian control and political repression. This period significantly influenced the political landscape of Italy.
  • Treaty of locarno

    Treaty of locarno
    The Treaty of locarno, also known as the locarno pact, promised that Germany's western border would be respected by France, Germany, and Belgium. Britain and Italy, who signed the agreement, agreed to help defend against any armed attacks on this border.
  • Crack of ny stock market

    Crack of ny stock market
    The fact that was the most catastrophic stock market crash in the history of the stock market in the United States. Its impact, its global reach and the long duration of its consequences caused the so-called Great Depression.
  • II Republic

    II Republic
    Was the democratic regime that existed in Spain between April 14, 1931, the date of its proclamation, replacing the monarchy of Alfonso XIII, and April 1, 1939, the date of the end of the Civil War, which gave way to the Franco dictatorship.
  • Hitler chancellor

    Hitler chancellor
    Hitler was appointed Chancellor, Wilhelm Frick Minister of the Interior, and Hermann Göring Minister without Portfolio.
  • Spanish civil war

    Spanish civil war
    In Spain, there was a civil war because a group of people tried to overthrow the government. It became a really intense and violent fight between them since they couldn't take control right away.
  • End of Spanish civil war

    End of Spanish civil war
    The Spanish Civil War concluded on April 1, 1939, with the victory of Francisco Franco's Nationalist forces. This marked the end of the conflict, leading to Franco's establishment of a dictatorship that lasted until his death.
  • Beginning of wordl war two

    Beginning of wordl war two
    World War II began in Europe, when Germany invaded Poland. Great Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany on September 3.
  • Invasion of poland

    Invasion of poland
    Was a joint attack on the Republic of Poland by Nazi Germany, the Slovak Republic, and the Soviet Union; which marked the beginning of World War II
  • The Battle of Stalingrad

    The Battle of Stalingrad
    The Battle of Stalingrad was a major battle on the Eastern Front of World War II where Nazi Germany and its allies unsuccessfully fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad in Southern Russia.
  • Normandy landings

    Normandy landings
    The Normandy landings were the landing operations and associated airborne operations on 6 June 1944 of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II.
  • End of world war two

    End of world war two
    The war in Europe ended with the Allies freeing territories occupied by Germany, invading Germany from the West and the Soviet Union, capturing Berlin, Hitler's suicide.