Inside Out & Back Again

  • 1975: Year of the Cat

    Tet is the first day of the lunar calendar. Everything that you do on this day determines the rest of the year. " Mother warns how we act today foretells the whole year. "
  • Inside Out

    Mother, Ha and her brothers are going to a Ching Teller of Fate. The teller predicts that their lives will change. " This year he predicts our lives will twist inside out. "
  • Papaya Tree

    Ha grew this tree unintentionally. It is growing twice as tall as she is and she is also growing with it. She vows to be the first to witness its ripening and she will give the first fruit to her mom. "I will be the first to witness its ripening" page 9
  • Missing in Action

    Father left home on a navy mission nine years ago and was captured on Route 1. Mother prepares and alter for him in remembrance and hope of his return. " Each of us bows, and wishes, and hopes, and prays." page 13
  • Two More Papayas

    Ha's papayas have finally ripened and she is the first to see them and eat them. She is promising to give the papaya to mother. " I see them first" page 21
  • Saigon is Gone

    There was an alert of communists near by and everyone thinks they are in danger. Thankfully it was a pilot from their side. The captain then tells them news about Saigon. " It is over, Saigon is gone. " pg 69
  • S-l-o-w-l-y

    On the ship Ha is trying to slowly finish her food and make everything last while it can. She smells other food and wants to see if anyone will share. "Mother firmly shakes her head" pg 76
  • Last Respects

    Brother Vu finds out that his chick is dead and is squished. He is having a hard time letting go so Ha helps him by wrapping her doll and his chick together in cloth and throws it into the ocean. " I smile but I regret not having my doll as soon as the white bundle sinks into the sea" pg 86
  • Choose

    Ha and her family choose to go live the rest of their lives in the United states. They were offered a to live with Uncle in Canada but turned it down. "Choose America, more opportunities there" pg 106
  • Our Cowboy

    Ha and her family meet their sponsor and they are going to Alabama. Ha loves him because she thinks that he owns a horse. "I love him immediately" pg 111
  • English above all

    Ha is told that English is the most important part of being in America. Mother tells them that they must not think about anything else until they mastered English. "Until you master English you must think do wish for nothing else" pg 117
  • Boo-Da, Boo-Da

    Ha is being bullied by pink boy and now he is chasing her home. She is being taunted and called boo-da boo-da and she is just trying to make it home. "Footsteps pound behind me" pg 206
  • Confessions

    Ha finally tells mother all of the things she did that she thinks is making her life miserable. Mother tells Ha that she knows that she did that and forgives her and tells her that it wasn't her fault. "I know. You do? What else?" Pg 213
  • WOW!

    Ha is getting teased at school and Vu Lee swoops in to save her and chases the bully away. Ha now looks up to him. "We fly home" pg 228
  • Truly Gone

    Mother breaks the news to Ha and her brothers that Father is truly gone. The family is devastated. "Your Father is truly gone" pg 250
  • 1976- year of the dragon

    This year the new year will be celebrated in Alabama and Ha will have new and more sophisticated and mature wishes for her and her family. Ha shows now that she has really grown up. "I pray for Father to find warmth in his new home, Mother to keep smiling more..." pg 259