The evolution of computers

Timeline created by Simone Checchia
  • Altair 8800 and BASIC

    Altair 8800 and BASIC
    The first hobby PC was the Altair 8800. Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed a program that allowed people to write their own programs in a programming language, called BASIC. Their newly compant was called Micro-Soft (Microsoft)
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple founders) released Apple II, the home PC that could be use by anybody called Apple II.
    It was selled inn a neat plastic case and it had a display, built-in keyboard and removable floppy discs.
  • IBM PC and MS-DOS

    IBM PC and MS-DOS
    IBM launched its own PC with MS-DOS, Microsoft Operative System.
  • iPad

    Steve Jobs release a device fitting somewhere btween laptops and smartphones, called iPad.