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    Indie Music

    This is a timeline of the evolution of indie music. The genre that took the brits by storm and started of a new era in style, vocabulary and a whole new revolution for the new generation.
  • The creation of The Smiths

    The creation of The Smiths
    In the year 1982 the creation of what is said to be the first real indie band to hit the mainstream. The creation of The Smiths happened in early 1982 when a writer and a big fan of the 'New York Dolls' and a gurtaist from Manchester John Mayer, whom changed his name to Jonny Mayer to avoid confusion with the Buzzcocks drummer John Mayer.
  • Smiths perform on Top Of The Pops

    Smiths perform on Top Of The Pops
    This wasThe Smiths first performance on National Television after a year of successive gigging in Manchester and building up a strong fan base. This performance on Top Of The Pops is regarded as the first breakthrough of indie music from the grimey underground too the mainstream
  • End of era?

    End of era?
    After becoming one of Britains most loved band they finally called it a day. The Smiths became huge in such a short space of time but achived so much. Many thought that this was the end of Indie music, but even though The Smiths had finished The Smiths legacy break the way for many new Indie bands.
  • It's just the beginning

    It's just the beginning
    The Stone Roses were that vital bridge that Indie needed. With the scene looking dim from the break-up of The Smiths something had give. The peoples answer....The Stone Roses. The Stone Roses first major single 'The Elephant Stone' created another rumble for the folks of Indie.
  • Exploring Britain

    Exploring Britain
    The Stone Roses played to a sold out gig in the legendary Blackpool ballroom.