In These Girls Hope is a Muscle timeline

By legood2
  • Last game of 1992 season

    Last game of 1992 season
    The Hurricanes lost to the Northampton Blue Devils in playoffs and ended their 1992 season. This was the semi-final game where they lost for the past 5 years
  • Jamila calls Jen

    After not talking for a while, Jamila calls Jen on her vacation and tells her that she wants things to be better between them in the upcoming season.
  • First organized team meeting

    Coach Moyer explains about the commitment. He says that if you don't want that big of a commitment you should leave. He explains how the season will go.
  • First day of tryouts

    This is the first official practice of the season. Sixty girls are there to tryout.
  • Varsity starters are announced

    Jamila, Jen, Kim, Kathleen, Gumby, Kristin, Sophie, Jade, Lucia, Jan, and lastly Patri Abad. The varsity roster for the 1992-1993 season was filled with 12 players.
  • Kathleen gets her nickname Skippy

    Coach Moyer thinks Kathleen needs to get more agressive on the court. He thinks she is too nice so he gives her the new nickname, Skippy.
  • First game of the season

    The first game of the season was against West Springfield. The Hurricanes won by the score of 59-42.
  • Hurricanes vs. Cathedral

    The Hurricanes won 65-32.
  • Hurricanes vs. Chicopee Comp

    Hurricanes win 60-22.
  • Hurricanes vs. Chicopee High

    Hurricanes win 72-45.
  • Hurricanes vs. Northampton

    Both teams are undefeated. The Hurricanes get the victory with a buzzer beater at the end of the game.
  • Hurricanes vs. Westside

    Hurricanes win 75-44.
  • Hurricanes vs. Agawam Brownies

    The Hurricanes lose 50-52. This is their first loss of the season.
  • Last home game of the season

    Hurricanes win 57-44. After the game, the team has a dinner to celebrate with the seniors who will be leaving.
  • Hurricanes vs. Norampton

    Hurricanes win 72-53.