Important Music HIstory Dates

  • Rock & Roll

    Rock & Roll
    Rock & Roll Didnt Exist Till The 1950's.
  • Period: to

    Music History

    This Time Line Consist Of Important Music Dates In History From Rock & Roll To Soul To Disco.
  • Billy Haley And The Comets

    Billy Haley And The Comets
    Launched A Smach Hit Called Rock Around The Clock. (July 4,1954) Sam Phillips Found Elvis Presley Also Known As "The King Of Rock & Roll". Elvis Sold Over One Billion Records.
  • Number One

    Number One
    Haleys Song Rose To Number One When It Was Included As A Soundtrack Of Blackboard Jungle. Chuck Berrys Firt Number One Smash Hit Maybelline.
  • Billy Haley

    Billy Haley
    Billy Became One Of The Most Popular Rock & Roll Perfomers In The World Within Two Years He Had 12 Top 40 Records. Elviis Had Became A National Star And Teen Idol.
  • Other Artist

    Other Artist
    Other Crazier And Wilder Acts Such As Elvis Presley And Little Richard Stared To Dominate The American Scene.
  • Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry
    Chuck Berry Had A String Of Hits Which Included Jonny B Goode And Rock And Roll Music. He Also Appeared In Feature Films Such As Go Jonny Go. He Is Also Known For His Duck Walk. Elvis Joined The US Army And Served In Germany. Jiles Richardson(The Big Bopper) Biggest HIt, Chantilly Lace Made The Top 10 List.
  • Tragic

    On The Way To A Scheduled Tour Destination Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens And The Big Bopper Were In A Horrible Plane Crash That Left No Survivers. Don McLean Later Referred To That Day As "The Day The Music Died".
  • Surf

    In California Surf Music Bacame Very Popular.
  • Elton John

    Elton John
    Elton John Started His Music With A Band Called Bluesology In 1961.
  • Britsih Invasion

    Britsih Invasion
    The Beattles Made Thier American Debut On The Ed Sullivan Show. One Of Thier Hits Was I Want To Hold Your Hand Reaching Number One On The Billboard Charts.
  • Solo Artist

    Solo Artist
    Billy Joel Started His Career After Seeing The Beattles On The ed Sullivan Show. Before Being A Musician He Was A Professional Boxer. Billy And Elton John Are Known As The Top Piano Men Of Pop Music.
  • WoodStock

    400,000 People Converged On A Dairy Farm In Rural New York For A Three Day Festival Of "Love And Music".
  • Disco

    Disco Is A Style Of Dance Music It Was Popular From Early 1970s To 1980s. It Was Influenced Mostly By Funk And Soul Music, And Is Well Known For Its Rich And Varied Instrementation.
  • Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton
    Eric Clapton Is Well Known For His Guitar Playing. He Launched His Solo Career In 1973.
  • Billy

    Produced Six Top-30 Singles, One Was The Popular Tuneful Piano Men In 1974.
  • Elvis

    Elvis Presley Died Of A Drug Overdose.
  • Disco Movie

    Disco Movie
    Saturday Night Fever Came Out 1977 Srarring John Travolta. This Movie MAde Disco Very Popular.
  • Golden Age

    Golden Age
    Micheal Jackson Ushered In Golden Age Of Pop Music. Thriller Is Still The Best Seller Album Of All Time. Other Artist Of That Age Are Madonna, Prince And Many More.
  • Dance Music

    Dance Music
    This Age Is Known As Dance Music Age.
  • Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart
    Rod Stewart Traded In His Rocker Clothes For A and Siut And Tie, Which Became His Trade Mark.
  • Micheal Jackson

    Micheal Jackson
    The KIng Of Pop Micheal Jackson Died.