Important Events in U.S. Education 1910-Present

By jhp
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  • First Montessouri School-Florida

    The first Montessouri School was opened in Florida with Dewey influence. Supported by famous people such as Alexander G. Bell.
  • Dewey "Democracy and Education" published

    Dewey advances the progressive education movement with this publication.
  • Smith/Hughes Act

    This act shows curriculum following national need. An increasing population needs a workforce and nutrition. This act provided funding for vocational and agricultural education.
  • 19 th Amendment

    The ratification of this amendment further influences US curriculum.
  • Scopes "Monkey" trial

    This event will ever change American curriculum. Will and still is a hot topic of debate.
  • "Sterile" Virginia

    Forced sterilization of feebleminded, insane, depressed, mantally handicapped, and epileptic. (BAD?) Also included are alcoholics, criminals and drug addicts. (Good!)
    No DIRECT educational implication but would influence societal decisions and attitudes toward the handicapped.
  • First SAT

    First administering of Scholastic Aptitude Test. Still used/basis for many curriculum decisions today.
  • Piaget's "The Child's Conception of the World" published

    Piaget was/is a leader and influence on past, present, and future education through research in child developmental psychology and education.
  • Desegregation Begins

    The first US desegregation case is fought in Lemon Grove, California. Courts ruled that Mexican immigrant students can't be segregated.
  • Desegregation goes Statewide in California

    A court case defines desegregation for all of California setting the stage for national cases. (Brown vs. Board of Ed)
  • First Vacuum Tube Computer

    Computer Age Begins in ernest.
  • School Lunch Legislation

    The "Schools provide everything to everybody" trend continues. School curriculum now begins to include nutrition into the curriculum through lunches via "The National School Lunch Act.
  • George-Barden Act

    Post War Act- money for curriculum Based on US needs. Money for Agriculture, Industry, and Home Economics. Need biases curriculum.
  • Supreme Court vs. Religion

    The court ruled that "release time" was not allowed during the school day for religious activities. The battle to be continued!
  • Skinner's "Science and Human Behavior"

    His research indicates that reinforcement for behavior change is widely accepted and still influences US education.
  • U.S. Desegregation

    Landmark decision in "Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka" which instituted desegregation nationwide.
  • Rosa won't stand!

    Though this event didn't directly affect US curriculum, the immediate and future results would affect curriculum for generations. Rosa, the bus boycott, and future civil rights events were effective.
  • Bloom's Taxonomy

    Ben Bloom's book and other publications gives levels of learning to educational objectives.
  • Russian "Sputnik"

    This event will lead to national "pride" and the "national Defense Education Acto of 1958. This gave more money for science, math, and foreign language. Everyone wants the Federal money no matter what it is for. Again, national needs influence curriculum.
  • "Nurse Training Act"

    Healthcare begins to rear its ugly head. Nursing begins to be big business so schools flock to provide with better programs and curriculums to meet the needs of a growing industry. (sound familiar)
  • First "ACT" Test

    We know how tests influence education! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! Must pass test! No matter what..................Must pass test!
  • Ruby Bridges

    First black child in a specific public elementary school in New Orleans. She was alone since all caucasion students were pulled by their parents. Curriculum takes notice.
  • Vygotsky's book "Thought and Language"

    Proponent of social learning through "Social Constructivism", "Zone of Proximal Development". Still very important and influencial in Curriculum and Education.
  • "Learning Disabilities" is born

    The term "Learning Diasabilities" was used by Samuel Kirk in a speach. The term stuck and in 1964 The "Association for Children with Learning Disabilities" was created and later became "Learning Disabilities Association of America"
  • "Civil Right Act" passed

    A continuation of racially oriented curriculum influences.
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act / Head Start

    More money and programs to close the American income / achievement gap. Part of the "War on Poverty" Curricular influences.
  • Higher Education Act

    Where there is a need, there is the Feds. They spend more to assure a workforce able to handle the demands of the need. This act is a basis for many of today's loan and subsidy programs for higher education. When the Feds offer money then the race is on for schools to provide what the government wants-for a price of course!
  • "Bussing" begins

    Again, research influences curriculum and money. Research showed that integration was good so they bussed black students from their communities to be in mostly white shcools for educational equality.
  • Assassination of MLK

    MLK and his legacy of peaceful civil disobediance will and continue to influence education on all levels from K to College.
  • Kohl's "The Open Classroom" published

    Proponed of "open" classrooms and holsitic education that is child centered, It had the opposite effect in a sense that it helped the start of the "back to basics" movement of the 70's.
  • "Internet" begins

    The US government researched and sent the first "internet" message this year. Wow! Talk about an educational influence to be.
  • Piaget's "The Science of Education" published

    Proponent of discovery based learning approches--Piaget' was and still is an important influence on education / curriculum.

    Another BIG step in education supposing to ensure equality for females in all levels of education regardless of the cost. Sports participation is regarded mostly but includes all aspects of education thus affecting curriculum.
  • "The Rehabilitation Act" passed

    This law requires accomodations for students with disabilities to receive federal funds. Includes 504 plans if they can't be in SPED "Blackmail maybe?"
  • "Education of All Handicapped Children" Act

    Mandates educational appropriate public education in the least restrictive evironment for all handicapped students. This is more federal intervention and mandates.
  • Department of Education Created

    Federal government wanting control. Federal mandates that are applied to all changing and deviating state curriculums through mandates. Power from th states to the Federal Branch of government.
  • First IBM PC

    This further increased "Technology" as an educational tool
  • Report-"Nataional Commission on Excellence in Education"

    Among other things this comission recommended computer science as a course of study. Technology affects curriculum.
  • The Education for Economic Security Act

    More $ for science and Math. More will accept the $ and change the curriculum to get the $ !
  • Computers Get Better

    Microsoft and "Windows". Need I say more!!
  • Online Degrees!

    University of Phoenix offers first "online" bachelors and masters programs.
  • "Individuals with Disabilities Act" Broadens

    The scope, cost, and political correctness of the act broadens to include autism and brain injury as covered for their services. Teachers must continue to add to their repetoir of tools.
  • Constructivist Publication

    "In Search of Understanding-The Case for Constructivist Classrooms" is published. Based on works of Dewey, Bruner, Piaget , and Vygotsky. It isvery popular, quoted, and recognized. It helps shape education and curriculum even today.
  • ACLU strikes again

    The ACLU helps defeat Proposition 187 that prevented illegal aliens from receiving benefits believed to belong to legal citizens of the US. This includes education.
  • Georgia is First

    Georgia is the first state to offer universal preschool to all four year olds. Curriculum must adapt and adjust to younger students and their needs. This was also to help the students be a little ahead of the curve when entering kindergarten.
  • Fraud in the Mid 90's

    The past several years have shown that the government is inept in everything it does. Many higher Ed. loan programs are wasting gazillions of dollars. DUH! government does it everytime and education only gets worse.
  • School violence

    Two Columbine students in Colorodo kill 15 and would 23 making us ask what social skills are we teaching in school. This will lead to more social curriculum including bullying.
  • NCLB approved

    Give a test to see if you're ready for the test that evaluates your ability to pass the test.
  • NCLB "Aint Working"

    Obama asks states to ask for leniency an requirements for the law. I think they are seeing it's impossible to meet the strict and high percentages required by it.
  • "Individuals with Disabilities Act" Broadens AGAIN

    Further broadening with early identification and intervention with "at risk" students. RTI again changes the need for "individualized" curriculum and specialized teaching methods.
  • Reinvestment and Recovery Act

    Bold and expensive attempt by The Obama administration to boost a sagging economy by throwing money a the States hoping that most of it wasn't stolen, misused, or wasted. Much spent on education. Includes money for "Race to the Top" Big curriculum changer! Are we any better off?
  • Common Core Beginning

    Common Core initiative begins. Curriculum should be more stepped from year to year with less repetition. It should change from mile wide/inch deep to Inch wide/mile deep.
  • Alabama "First"

    Alabama is first state to require schools to check immigration status. Would that ever change curriculum. I'm sure the ACLU is already on top of that one!