Immigration and westward expantion

By csantos
  • Arrival in America

    Arrival in America
    Bertram arrives in America. He came from his hometown in Germany. At the age of 27 and well fit he hopes to get a decent job with a decent pay. He was one of the nearly 387,000 to imigrate.
  • Bertram's first job.

    Bertram's first job.
    Bertram gets a job laying down tracks for streetcars. The job does not pay as much as he would like but since he just arrived he decided to take it because he needed the money. So far he could only get this job because he is not well respect, just like aall other germans too.
  • Violence in America

    While walking home from work, some Americans attack his neighborhood because they do not like the Germans. Bertram manages to get out without a scratch. This event does make him paranoid however.
  • Christmas in America

    Christmas in America
    Bertram finds Christmas a much more wonderful time in America than in Germany. He does miss his family though.
  • Moving West

    Moving West
    Bertrem starts to head west to Illinois. He recently got laid off so he decided to find farmlands to make a living growing crops and raising cattle. He knows the journey will be tough but he hopes to get their by June.
  • Settling in Illinois

    Settling in Illinois
    Bertrem arrives in Illinois a full 7 days ahead of schedule. He soon finds some land and takes the cattle he bought just 3 months back to the land. He has made a house of wood and sod and his crops are newly planted, just in time.
  • A turn for the worst

    After Bertram's crops grow quickly his luck soon decreases. Over half his cattle die and he is running low on water but the nearest river is a good 3 mile walk.
  • Friends split apart

    Due to the Naturalization Act of 1890, some of Bertram's friends had to leave Illinois. This saddens him deeply.
  • Cara

    On a quick visit to town bertram meets a nice woman around his age by the name of Cara. She is also from Germany and came on the same boat as he. bertram vaguely remembers her face and figures that was why he had noticed her. The two soon start to date.
  • Return to Germany

    Return to Germany
    After he and Cara mary they decide that they should raise a family back home in Germany.