If Pop Music was never created

  • Pop music fails to be introduced

    In the 1920s, "pop music" is never associated with jazz, swing, or rock music
  • Jazz and Rock

    Jazz and rock continue to rise in the music industry which leads to R&B, not pop
  • Patsy Cline

    Patsy Cline doesn't release "I Fall to Pieces" or "Crazy" causing country music to not convert into pop.
  • The Beatles

    Because The Beatles were mainly a pop boy band, they aren't introduced to pop therefore they do not form the band
  • Michael Jackson

    Michael joins his brother's R&B band, but as he grows older leaves and does not become a single star because he has no introduction to pop
  • Grammy's

    The categories include children's, classical, comedy, composing and arranging, country, folk, gospel, jazz, musical show, packaging and notes, R&B, and spoken (no pop). Performers such as Dionne Warwick, Ray Stevens, The Carpenters, Henry Mencini, and Paul Simon are never introduced to the pop genre therefore never become popular in the future.
  • Saturday Night Fever

    Since disco is assoiciated with pop, this genre of music fails to become popular in the '70s and one of the best disco inferno movies, "Saturday Night Fever" never comes to be
  • Sugar Hill Gang

    The Sugar Hill Gang never releases the first commercial rap hit since rap has a slight association with pop. Rap is never branched from pop, only from R&B
  • John Lennon

    Because The Beatles never form, John Lennon is not shot dead in New Yrok City in the 1980
  • Dance-pop

    Since dance music is influenced by pop, it does not come to be in the '80s. Because of this change in history, movies such as "Fame", "Flashdance", and others along that line, are not thought of nor do they make a great hits
  • MTV

    MTV goes on the air as a show that runs music videos, only including the genres of jazz, rock, country (not country pop), and R&B
  • Now

    In the 21st century, popular music does not exist. The highest rating genres include R&B, Jazz (as well as other jazz-only influenced genres), Country, and Classical