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Ian Curtis

  • Birth of Ian Curtis

    Birth of Ian Curtis
    Ian Curtis was born July 15, 1956, Stretford, United Kingdom
  • Pre-Warsaw

    Inspired by the Sex Pistols concert at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall, July 20, 1976, Bernard Sumner (guitarist) and Peter Hook (bassist) formed a band with Terry Manson (drummer).
    They placed an ad in an album shop in Mánchester, reicuiting Ian as singer. They were called "Stiff Kittens"
  • Warsaw

    May 29, 1977: Terry Mason left the band the day before they gave their first show at Electric Circus. Mason was replaced by Tony Tabac.
    Moments before that show, the band changed the name to Warsaw as tribute to the song Warsawa by David Bowie and Brian Eno (whom Ian admired). Tony Tabac was replaced by The Panik's drummer, Steve Brotherdale. July 18, 1977: They recorded Warsaw Demo.
    After the demo, Steve Brotherdale was replaced by Stephen Morris
  • Joy Division

    Joy Division
    Early 1978, the band changed the name to Joy Division (Reference of how nazi officers called a group of jewish women used as sexual slaves in nazis concentration camps). The first Joy Division concert was in the Pip's, Manchester, January 24.
    Tony Wilson founded the record label Factory Records.
    May 18: Factory Records signs a contract with Joy Division. Wilson filled out the contract with his own blood.
  • Unknown Pleasures

    Unknown Pleasures
    February 14: Joy Division played in the BBC
    March: Joy Division played as The Cure's opening act at London Marquee
    April: They record Unknown Pleasures.
    September 15: Joy Division performed in BBC's program "Something Else". Ian's violent movements in "Transmission" and "She's Lost Control" surprised the public. His violent movements would soon attract attention for other reasons: Ian suffered from epilepsy and he had seizures pretty often on concerts and lot of times, the public haven't noticed
  • Ian's Suicide and Closer

    Ian's Suicide and Closer
    March: Joy Division recorded material for they second album, Closer. Ian's medicines to treat his epilepsy weren't working. In a concert, as The Stranglers opening act, Ian lost control and he broke the drumms.
    Three days after, he tryied to suicide with a pill overdose.
    May 2: Joy Division make they last concert. In two weeks, they were goning to United States to they first tour.
    May 18: Ian suicide in the kitchen of his house, with a rope to hang clothes