I am David

  • Escapes from the camp

    Escapes from the camp
    David escapes from a consentration camp at night time in Bulgaria because he was a prisoner of war. When he got over the fence he was looking for a bundle the man told him to look for. In the bundle it had all the stuff he needed to get him started.
  • David made a story about his life

    David made a story about his life
    David made a story about his life. Some of the things he had on their were he was going to end up and who he was. He made the story while he was on the boat going to Italy. His final destionation was in denmark.
  • Saved a girl

    Saved a girl
    David saved a girl from a fire in Italy. The girls family took David in as one of there own children. David didt ant to eat lots of there food becasue it was real food and he was use to eat alittle bit here and there.
  • Connected to Maria

    Connected to Maria
    David connceted to Maria becasue she was the girl he saved from the fire in Italy. After the fire Marias family took David in as one of there own children because he saved there daughter Maria from the burning shed.
  • Meets a lady

    Meets a lady
    When David was on his journey to Denmark he meet a lady in Italy. She told Davithat she had a son named David, She also told him that he looked like her son named David.
  • Smile

    David didnt know how to smile when he was in the contiontration camp because it was cruel in the camp. When he got out of the camp he learned how to smile becasue he was happy.
  • Takes a Bullet

    Takes a Bullet
    King took a bullet for David so he could get across the boarder crossing in to Denmark. David was going to Denmark to find his mom in Denmark thats why he escaped the concontration camp so he could go find his mother .
  • Meets his Mom

    Meets his Mom
    When Daivd arrives in Denmark he finds his mothers house and walks up to the door he asked his self if this was the right house. He rings the door bell and his mom answered the door David said "i am David " and his mom says "David my son David".
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    I am David